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Summer Ranch: Peaceful Valley, Colorado

Winter Ranch: Berthoud, Colorado

Bill and Ellyn Prescott     1166 Rocky Heaven Ln Berthoud, Co 80513       (970)532-4199



We are no longer breeding horses, but do have one gelding currently for sale. Go to Geldings Under Saddle.

We are a small breeding ranch raising and selling quality Rocky Mountain Horses and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses bred for gentle temperament, smooth natural gait, perfect conformation and old bloodlines.  Our winter ranch is located in Berthoud, Colorado  which is just north of Denver and our summer ranch is located at Peaceful Valley, Colorado which is located at the base of the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Our horses stay in Berthoud year round, but we haul them up to our summer ranch to trail ride in the mountains. We  are committed to raising the highest quality Rocky Mountain Horses.  Our horses are imprinted at birth and handled daily for the first couple of months.  We trail ride and also show our horses.  We try to expose them to as many things as possible. All of our horses except for our stallions, live together as a herd in our 40 acre pasture in Berthoud.  Our property in Berthoud, has a stream, ditch and pond where our horses learn to cross water on their own.  Our mountain property is abundant with wildlife such as coyote, deer, elk and moose.  Our horses become accustomed to seeing wildlife in the pasture, so when they encounter it out on the trails, they have seen it before and are more confident with it.  Rocky Mountain Horses have a very gentle nature to them and are quick to learn and easy to train.  We do plenty of groundwork with our horses before introducing them to the saddle and use all natural horsemanship techniques. 


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